Brian teaches at Morgan Music, the Eau Claire Music School, and at students' homes in the Chippewa Valley and Twin Cities.


Brian has been teaching private lessons for over ten year to students from ages 8 to 80! He teaches beginners up through advanced students. Brian's students have received superior ratings at solo and ensemble contest and placed into honor bands including the Sousa Junior Honor Band (KS) and All-State ensembles.


I believe that technique serves musicianship and that it is important the student feels he or she gets to make music in every lesson and in every practice session. Every technical exercise should have a direct musical application, and every single lesson should be tailored to the student’s needs. Although not every student will want to become a professional flutist, my goal is to get every student to enjoy the process of working toward his or her greatest potential. 

I like to show students how capable they are and give them the tools to become self-sufficient musicians.